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We need a change and we now create it!

Me, and 50,000 other Swedes, suffer from type 1 diabetes. An autoimmune life-threatening chronic disease. The mortality rate in young years has increased sharply and the average life expectancy is 11 years shorter than the average in Sweden. 900 new children are ill annually and at least as many adults. No one is cured. However, type 1 diabetes is almost unknown and the support for research is unacceptably low. Many research projects can not even start due to resource shortages. This can not be continued. We must make sure that we create proper resources for research on the most common life-threatening incurable disease that affects children in Sweden. Next time, maybe you, your child or granddaughter may be affected.

We therefore need your help in the fight against this miserable disease.

Your gift saves children's lives!

Thanks in advance


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Jimmy Lehto
You go girl!
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