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Right now, the biggest migration of people is occurring since World War II. At the end of 2013 there were an estimated number of 14.2 million refugees in the world. This number has only risen. In the face of these numbers, European governments are still apprehensive about granting asylum causing refugees to live stateless and in danger.

However, together the human race can perform miracles. The people of Europe are coming together stronger than ever to raise money and help for our fellow humans. Join the fight for human rights and giving every child a chance to sleep safely at night.

Please donate to IB3's charity storm to raise money through Sweden for UNHCR in collaboration with the Tent Project at Kungsholmens Gymnasium.


Topplista supportrar

Sander and Olivia W + OSvH 800 kr
Maria Radtke 300 kr
Marie Wikner Jonsson 300 kr
Bracelets Sales 250 kr
Anettr Söderqvist 100 kr
Archana Prashant 100 kr
Cecilia Af Ugglas 100 kr

Mina supportrar

Anettr Söderqvist 23 sep 17:26 100 kr
Sander and olivia W + OSvH 23 sep 11:50 300 kr
Sander and Olivia W + OSvH
Go team
23 sep 11:50 500 kr
Archana Prashant 22 sep 20:17 100 kr
Bracelets Sales 21 sep 14:16 250 kr
Maria Radtke
Lycka till!
20 sep 21:14 300 kr
SMS-gåva 16 sep 14:14 200 kr
Marie Wikner Jonsson
Vilket fint arbete ni gör!
15 sep 20:14 300 kr
SMS-gåva 15 sep 19:09 100 kr
Cecilia Af Ugglas 15 sep 18:59 100 kr
SMS-gåva 15 sep 18:51 100 kr
SMS-gåva 15 sep 18:51 200 kr
SMS-gåva 15 sep 10:59 500 kr
SMS-gåva 15 sep 10:49 100 kr

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