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Earlier this year, I have put myself a running goal, and I made it: running a 10 km race under 50 min. I want to use my newly found running capabilities for a good cause. Diabetes is a disease that runs in my fiancé's family, and I want to give back for all the support that I got from them all these years since I moved to Sweden.

I am gonna run my first half-marathon on the 10th of October, here in Örebro. I am starting the training on the 7th of July. I will keep you updated via facebook. I haven't decided on a time goal yet, but I will probably decide it soon and publish it on facebook.

Thank you so much if you wish to sponsor me. This is an important cause for me, and I want to try to give back for all the support that I got through the years.



Topplista supportrar

Lars, Lene, Harald och Martin Høiby 2340 kr
Anders Ericsson 1000 kr
Ida Ericsson 600 kr
Mildred och Bengt Forsberg 500 kr
Birgitta Forsberg 500 kr
Pauline Westerberg 300 kr
Oskar & Mikaela 100 kr

Mina supportrar

Arnaud Matz
34 träningspass genomförd = 340kr till Barndiabetesfonden
29 oct 15:54 340 kr
Hugo Ericsson Matz
Heja pappa!!
2 oct 10:26 100 kr
Ida Ericsson
Heja heja! Du är bäst ❤️
2 oct 10:22 500 kr
Anders Ericsson
Lycka till på halvmaran
30 sep 08:01 1000 kr
Martin, Gunilla, Karoline och Mats Høiby 26 aug 14:13 1000 kr
Lars, Lene, Harald och Martin Høiby 26 aug 14:04 1000 kr
Pauline Westerberg
Allez Arnaud!!!
11 aug 10:41 300 kr
Mildred och Bengt Forsberg
Vi hejar på dig
14 jul 08:00 500 kr
Birgitta Forsberg
Lycka till!! Hejar på dig.
14 jul 07:57 500 kr
Oskar & Mikaela
Kämpa på, vi hejar på dig! 😊
6 jul 09:00 100 kr