Sascha Sven Zachhuber



Min story

I was on a challenge this summer to make this world a better world! I cycled from Uppsala via the Lofoten Islands to the North Cape (2627 Km) and collected money for the Swedish Diabetes Foundation (Diabetesfoden).

It was a great trip – I met a lot of people and I had to solve a lot of problems (GPS-problems, weather-problems, some problems with my equipment …)

The idea behind that project was to make something for a good cause this summer and to challenge myself. A lot of people are going to Spain or Australia on their vacation without having been to the nature ”around the corner”. My challenge was to see if I can cycle from the place where I live (Uppsala) to the North Cape – and i succeeded!

Due to the fact that I saved some money by this way of spending my holiday (I didn't have to pay money for a flight or hotel, I was just cycling and sleeping in my tent) I wanted to start a charity thing and donate some money for a good cause myself.

The rules that I made before I was going on the tour was: I wanted to pay 1 SEK for every Km i was cycling if there are at least 25.000 SEK in the donation.

Right now it doesn't look like that we will reach the 25.000 – but that doesn't matter! Every single Swedish crown is needed to support the diabetes research!

Now I'm back in Uppsala and I would like to say 3 things:

Thank you for every little donation that was coming in and for every other support (getting some sponsorship on the way)! It made me really happy!
I decided to donate some money myself even if we don't reach the amount of 25.000 SEK. In this case I will donate 50 Öre/Km – that makes 1314 Swedish crowns from my side!
You still have the chance to make a donation (until the 20 September – exactly one month after I was reaching the North Cape).

How to make a donation? - It's easy:

send a short message to the number 72672

GE 100 DIABETES (to donate 100 SEK)
GE 200 DIABETES (to donate 200 SEK)
GE 300 DIABETES (to donate 300 SEK)
GE 400 DIABETES (to donate 400 SEK)
GE 500 DIABETES (to donate 500 SEK)

If you don't have a Swedish mobile phone you can pay by credit card here:

Thanks for all support, Sascha



Topplista supportrar

Loppis Berlin 3270 kr
Anders Wallén 300 kr
Artur Schmieding 300 kr
Andrea Abeln 200 kr
Lennart 200 kr
Ylva 200 kr
Virginia 200 kr
Johanna Schulze 200 kr 120 kr 110 kr
Julia 100 kr
Ingalill Lundgren 100 kr
Ewa Lundgren 100 kr
Felicitas Rabiger 100 kr
Johannes 100 kr
Amelie Lind 100 kr
Camilla Ekblom 100 kr
Caroline Abrecht 100 kr
David Jirout 50 kr

Mina supportrar

typ 1
3 nov 11:58 400 kr
Andrea Abeln 30 sep 18:18 200 kr
Loppis Berlin 13 sep 19:45 3270 kr
Sascha Zachhuber
50 Öre/Km
30 aug 11:57 1314 kr
Julia 30 aug 10:42 100 kr
Lennart 30 aug 10:42 200 kr
Ylva 30 aug 10:42 200 kr
Virginia 30 aug 10:41 200 kr
Ingalill Lundgren
Bra jobbat
15 aug 19:45 100 kr
Ewa Lundgren
Heja- du är jättebra som klarar detta i ur o skur!!
15 aug 09:32 100 kr
Felicitas Rabiger
Viel Glück für die letzten Kilometer!
14 aug 04:54 100 kr
SMS-gåva 13 aug 20:38 50 kr
Johannes 2 aug 17:21 100 kr 29 jul 20:47 110 kr 29 jul 20:46 120 kr
Anders Wallén
Trampa på, gode vän 😊
28 jul 21:57 300 kr
Amelie Lind
Hej :)
17 jul 22:14 100 kr
SMS-gåva 15 jul 10:04 50 kr
Good luck!
12 jul 22:03 100 kr
Artur Schmieding 11 jul 23:23 300 kr
lykke til!
7 jul 20:06 1000 kr
SMS-gåva 25 jun 07:52 100 kr
Johanna Schulze
Spende Koffer ;)
17 jun 13:44 200 kr
SMS-gåva 16 jun 18:29 100 kr
Från UPS till DJn
9 jun 18:56 400 kr
Camilla Ekblom
Stort lycka till på resan!!! :)
1 jun 09:16 100 kr
SMS-gåva 22 may 11:12 50 kr
Caroline Abrecht 22 may 10:29 100 kr
Have a nice bike trip!
20 may 14:27 500 kr
David Jirout
Inspirerande idee
28 apr 08:55 50 kr
SMS-gåva 26 apr 17:53 100 kr