Schools for the Future is a non-profit organization founded in Sweden in 2008. The organization promotes a just and sustainable society through close co-operation with schools. It aims to empower people to influence their own future and the society around them. Schools for the Future supports democracy, human rights and a sustainable management of natural resources. The organization is politically and religiously independent. In our programs, reflective, analytical, and joyful reading and writing is linked to drama and art, group dynamics, role plays, field trips and other activities. Sustainable leadership is at the core of our mission. We have been present in El Salvador since 2008, and were recognized as Friend of El Salvador by the Salvadoran Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011. We are sponsored by Oriflame and the Jochnick Foundation since 2014, and we are counting with the support of several recognized Swedish authors. In our programs Reading for the Future, Leaders for the Future, and Shaping My Future, more than 600 children aged 11-16 have so far got access to empowering workshops and study support. The fundament is laid, with a local team ready to grow and reach out with sustained quality to an increasing number of children och youth. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Legalt namn: Schools for the Future
Organisationsnummer: 802442-8966
Kontonummer: 4884490

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